Post-I&S internet & politics conference posts

Here are a few worth checking out:

* Global Voices next steps, especially Joi Ito’s post as well as Hoder’s wiki

* CNet’s Matt Hines on the business panel of Friday

* Jon Garfunkel’s extensive personal reax to the conference overall

* Very nice parting words from Craig Newmark of craigslist

* Dave, over all three days, leading backwards from here, with a great deal on comparative conference styles

* David Weinberger’s excellent days and days of blogging, ending here

* Jeff Jarvis, including sharp comparisons between days/styles, in agreement with Dave Winer (read back from here)

* Susan Crawford on the cost of attention and many other good (if critical!) themes

* Lots of great posts from Micah Sifry at PersonalDemocracyForum

* The Register’s Andrew Orlowski: here and here

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