Seth thinks there's something fishy about the Gator report.

See Seth Finkelstein’s blog post of last night for a critique of the thinking around the methodology in Ben Edelman’s Gator study.  Seth has done many good works in this field — he’s been cited by the EFF and others for his efforts — and is certainly worth listening to as a general matter.  I don’t happen to agree with this particular post, but in the interest of true open discourse, please go and check it out.

More on that story: as of yesterday, it appears that Gator had stopped targeting Harvard, Yale and others with pop-ups for the University of Phoenix.  I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall to hear how that decision got made.

P.S., Seth, as to your note about employment: You might check with Cooley Godward, Gator’s lawyers, to see if they have a position open.  🙂

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