Berkman West wins out over Berkman East: Donna Wentworth

There’s big news today at the Berkman Center: Donna “Copyfight” Wentworth, long our public voice and our longest-running team member, has decided to head west — to EFF.  On the Center’s “team” list today, there’s been an outpouring of support and emotion of all sorts, from Berkmanites past and present.  We’ll all miss her terribly, but are so glad that she’s going to such a terrific place.  This would be so much harder to take but for that.  Donna, don’t forget us.  All of us in this movement count on you.

See Dave, Alex, and others for more.

(So, Alex, are there more at Berkman West than at Berkman East now?  And if not, will you rest until there are?)

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