Boston Globe: Blogs & political discourse

Via my terrific brother, Quentin Palfrey, who knows a thing or two about discourse in politics: Joanna Weiss of the Boston Globe has a piece
on blogs and politics this morning.  She notes: “…[A]s the
presidential campaign gains speed, many politically oriented blogs are
thick with news from the trail — and some people have set up
unofficial blogs to support particular candidates. Nearly all of them
operate outside the official campaign structure, the work of ordinary
voters who hawk their candidates with sarcasm and passion. And most are
free from the talking-point tendencies of contemporary political
rhetoric, railing gleefully on enemies in every direction.”  It
reminds me of an idea that Dave Winer, Mike Clough and others
have been kicking around to encourage citizen blogging in the
lead-up to the New Hampshire primary.  Ms. Weiss introduces some
healthy skepticism into the discussion as well, which is A Good Thing.

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