Reactions to Alternative Compensation System proposals

A few thoughtful (though not exactly supportive) reax to Terry Fisher‘s Alternative Compensation System, from Dave Winer (via here) and Richard Tallent (more here).  Dave calls it “brilliant” but “unworkable because it’s unfair.”  Derek Slater had insight earlier in the week, as did Ernest, on similar topics.

I agree with one thing in the posts listed here and elsewhere: we have to have this honest, hard discussion about ways out of the digital media crisis.  The path we’re on is a bad one.  Inertia — as well as occasional lack of vision — is working against everyone involved.  We’ve got to work through the alternatives, and may have to accept one that’s less than perfect but that’s better than where we are and where we’re headed today.

2 thoughts on “Reactions to Alternative Compensation System proposals

  1. I don’t think that any forced compensation system will have a great chance of competing effectively against free sharing via P2P.

    I also don’t think there’s much chance of stopping P2P, or even pushing it underground.

    I also don’t think these are bad things. I personally like what is doing.

    P.S. Steal my music.

  2. Yes, we love (cc). A great idea, with deep roots in the Berkman Center, being very well executed by Larry Lessig, Glenn Otis Brown and others.


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