Trammell on the enterprise of Net research

Kaye Trammell on the proper aspiration of the Internet researcher: “We should work not just to get published and define or classify a medium. Instead, we should work to add to the medium — to add to society’s understanding of it.”  Straight out of the Berkman Center mission statement.  A perfect reason why we should be involved in and studying what’s happening today with weblogs — even if there is too much hype around.

6 thoughts on “Trammell on the enterprise of Net research

  1. It is great that there are organizations (Berkman Center) dedicated to this cause. You would have really enjoyed the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) conference. One thing that stays on my mind after AoIR is about the role of Internet researchers. Where does our duty begin? Is there a natural starting point? Do we begin with the popular use or the common Joe’s use? How do we start the process of inquiry correctly so that we don’t build theory & assumptions on bad data? More to ferment over …

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