Evan Burnstein on the MIT Library Access to Music Project

Evan Burnstein of the Cyberlaw and the Global Economy class at HLS is asking a hard question about technology and the law.  He’s focused on MIT’s “Library Access to Music Project” and is interested in knowing which is the dog and which is the tail: technology or the law.  (The Boston Globe, New York Times, Frank Field, and many others have covered this issue as well.)  Evan writes: “Indeed, while the M.I.T. students aren’t promoting their Library Access to Music Project as a panacea for the copyright problem, merely as a way to sidestep the legal battlefield, it underscores the apparent tension between the inexorable evolution of the technology (digitalization and set-top-boxes) and the attempt to resist such evolution (analog solutions) to conform to the legal order.”  It’s one of the hard, “age-old” (if there is such a thing in a field only a few years old) questions of cyberlaw.  He invites reax.


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