Harvard Magazine reports on Weblogs initiative

An insightful take
on the HLS weblogs experiment in this month’s Harvard Magazine. 
Lots of good quotes from Berkman Center regulars — including thoughts
from Dave and Wendy — and other friends. 

What I like most about the article is that it brings us back to why we
started this initiative in the first place: in no small part, to try to
build additional bridges among the disparate parts of the Harvard
community, in 02138 and beyond.  Harvard’s Provost, Dr. Steven Hyman, urged
everyone at the 2002 Internet & Society conference to work on the
problem of building these bridges using ICTs.   Blogs have seemed
like a good way to keep conversations going among people at different
parts of the university and those elsewhere with an interest in similar
ideas.  It’s good to remember where we’re coming from.

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