Internet, Television, and what we're learning from this election

Don’t miss a whole host of good takes on the meaning of the Internet
and the Presidential primary, post-Iowa-and-NH: several terrific days’
worth of Dave Winer looking hard at what we should — and shouldn’t
— take away from the Dean campaign’s stumble (too many entries to cite
to specifically, so just cruise through the last few days of January,
2004); Barlow on the relationship between this campaign and the mass media; Chris Lydon,
picking up Winer’s thread, describing the emergence of “big media” from
its “cave” (see also Lydon’s “After New Hampshire“; and, not least, from the inside of the Dean campaign, Jim Moore,
with his high-end consultant’s hat on, tackling organizational
learning, momentum investing, and truth, as well as a few pictures,
above it, from the Joe Trippi farewell
party.  [Levity, after all that aforementioned seriousness: Derek Slater on re-mixing Dean; and the Decembrist’s Billy Tauzin/Common Cause reference.]

Some excellent writing hitting the web.

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