A baseball controversy on the Net

There’s an interesting discussion going on in Red Sox Nation about allegations that a veteran Boston Globe reporter shouldn’t have used quotes that new Boston Red Sox star Curt Schilling (the missing piece in the Sox starting rotation!  look out Yankees!) posted to a web site in his communications with fans.  Some people are agitated that this reporter is said to have published quotes that Schilling, by way of preface to his postings, requested not be re-published other than to the Sons of Sam Horn web site.  The debate has spilled out of the web space and out into the local sports radio scene.  Not surprising, it’s also now on the Yankees’ fans boards.

Update: I should note here that, while I’m interested in the general subject and questions raised by such a fact pattern, I have no idea whether there is, indeed, any truth to the allegations involved.  The reporter maintains that the allegations are not true and I’ve got no reason to disbelieve him — he’s a reporter with a long and distinguished career as a journalist.  It would be unfortunate if, indeed, he has been unfairly tarnished by this situation.

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