Google's IPO docs

You can now learn more than ever before about the inner workings of Google and why their IPO ought to raise $2.7 bn. in their S-1 (via findlaw).  Readers be warned: it’s 171 pages.  Lawyers be warned: it includes such unlawyerly statements as “Don’t be evil.”  Wondering who has how much stock?  See p. 84.  The BBC has context, via Dave.  And Forbes has a businessperson’s take.

The best part of this story: Google’s looking at going for an Open IPO.  It’s been tried, small-time, but cool but tiny companies like Peet’s Coffee and Tea, with some success.  But Google is the show, and will put the idea to the real test.  It means that ordinary people can bid for the shares before they hit the after-market, not just big clients of the underwriters and other insiders.  Save your pennies.

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