In praise of baseball on the radio

The Red Sox Nation has a new interview
Joe Castiglione, the truly incomparable radio voice of the Boston Red
Sox.  An amazing story-teller questioned by an excellent online
interviewer, David Laurila.  Joe is so good that he makes the
radio much the best
way to follow the game.  Jerry Remy on NESN enables TV to run a
close second, but there’s something wonderful about the tone of the
radio coverage that sets it apart.  Third, an important third to
be sure, is gameday
from, which renders a visual version of the game as it goes
along.  Without Castiglione or Remy, it really can’t compete at
all, but there are times when the net is the only option — and a
viable one at that, for a Red Sox diehard.  (My only edit to
David’s story is that he should list the car as one of the zones from
which many of us listen in.)

1 thought on “In praise of baseball on the radio

  1. Good to see we bloggers have common interests like listening to the baseball via the net.

    Launching a new start-up I listen, first in the garage and now in my small office down by the harbor, to my Mariner’s, Cubs and Twins. I grew up in Wisconsin in a small town on the Mississippi listening to the Twins – there is now nothing more soothing than to listen to the voice of Herb Carneal, who is in his 43rd year with the club.

    I still remember hiding a transistor radio under the pillow to listening to Twins games on the West coast, a place that seemed so far away at the time. My fondest memory may be listening to Catfish Hunter pitch a perfect game for the A’s against the Twins in 1968.

    Thanks John, for allowing me to reminisce a bit. Perhaps the only time its nice to show one’s age is in recalling baseball stories.

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