Charlie Nesson & Terry Fisher on the future of digital media

Disagreement — friendly, collegial, but real — among our faculty lies
near the core of our research at the Berkman Center into Digital Media
One axis along which this disagreement plays out is between Prof.
Charles Nesson and Prof. Terry Fisher as to whether a better idea for
moving forward looks like an implementation of speedbumps (Nesson) or
an alternative compensation system (Fisher).  The current session
at iLaw pits Terry’s view against Charlie’s view. 

Charlie: “Copyright is abominable in some respects … gargantuan in
its reach…  Nonetheless, there is something to the copyright
system.  And if you could find some way to a middle path, it would
seem worth going for.”

I eagerly
anticipate the discussion period once they’ve each said their piece.

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