HLS Bulletin's Intellectual Property Issue

This summer’s alumni magazine for HLS is devoted in large measure to IP, including a piece on the Fisher-Nesson-Zittrain differences of opinion on how to resolve the digital media crisis and on the K-12 initiative that Prof. Martha Minow
has been pursuing with Berkman Center involvement.  There’s also a
short-form version of the amazing acceptance speech, on the
Disaggregation of Intellectual Property, by Prof. Terry Fisher when he accepted the Hale and Dorr chair of intellectual property earlier this year.

2 thoughts on “HLS Bulletin's Intellectual Property Issue

  1. Am I right in assuming that the subscription-based pilot initiative mentioned in this article is some version of an entertainment coop? I’m thrilled if that’s the case. I don’t like that the coop solution seems to be getting pushed to the side – at least in articles I’ve seen. As far as I’ve been able to take a position, that’s still the scenario I favor.

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