What you can do about the genocide in Sudan

Jim Moore’s Passion of the Present offers two ideas of what one can do about the Sudan crisis:

“There are many things we can do. Two come to mind immediately (please invent and share more!)

The first is to do more research on the activities and interests of the
Genocide Bloc nations in regard to Sudan. China, Pakistan, Saudi
Arabia, and Egypt. For example, I’d like to build on the work of Ingrid
Jones and others who have been digging up information about oil
interests in Sudan. And I hope to enlist in our process Nobel Peace
Prize winner Bobby Muller and his new “this is rumor control”
web-based, open source intelligence project, with its network of
intelligence agents.

The second is to increase the volume of public outcry. We have already
established a reasonable base of awareness in the US and the UK.
Newspaper editorials, increasing radio and TV coverage, and the widely
noted protests and celebrity arrests at the Sudanese embassy in
Washington, D.C. But we are apparently not being heard at the level
required to mobilize effective government action.”

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