Pediatricians say "vote kids"

My parents, Judy and Sean Palfrey, among 36 pediatricians, issued this open letter about the effects of the current administration’s health policies on America’s children. 

One reporter covering the news conference in Washington, DC, today described my mom this way:

“Dr. Judith Palfrey, a professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical
School and past president of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association,
spoke about a child with a degenerative disease who was denied leg
braces by a private health insurance company because, the company
reasoned, he would lose the ability to walk within a couple of years

‘I have seen children, saved in our intensive care units, discharged to
homeless shelters because the enormous medical bills have left families
without money for rent or food,’ she said. ‘The uncaring policies of
the current administration are systematically shattering our promise to

(Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson doesn’t seem to have thought it was such a good idea.)

I am very proud of them for taking this stand for children.

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