Ethan Z from PopTech on Dr. Thomas Barnett

If you’re not in coastal Maine, listen in here.  I’ll be right behind Ethan in buying Dr. Thomas Barnett‘s book, based on Ethan’s blogging of his talk on globalization issues.

Barnett describes his own experience: “In short, despite feeling like I was Zell Miller addressing the Democratic Convention, I went over like gangbusters (again, not for everybody, but those who approved were louder than any crowd I’ve ever done) in easily the most electric performance I’ve ever delivered. And you know what? It actually had little to do with my performance, which was so-so because I was so awfully sleep-deprived. It was actually completely a function of the audience’s ravenous desire for a moral tenor to be tacked on to a clear narrative that describes where this whole war on terror is logically heading — you know, the happy ending.”

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