Internet & Society Conference: Speakers, Schedule, A Few Seats Left

We are nearly settled on our final schedule for the Internet &
Society ’04: Votes, Bits and Bytes
.  The final, inevitable changes
are still happening at the margins, and we’re still collecting speaker
bios and the like, but check out the near-final schedule and the near-final speakers line-up
Each day has something a bit different: Thursday night in the Kennedy
School’s glorious Forum, Friday is the full-day plenary
panels-and-keynotes, and Saturday is in the un-conference style of the
first three BloggerCons.  I am extremely excited about how things
are coming together.  If you have not registered and plan to come,
please do so
— it’s free, but it’s also first-come, first-served and we’re within
striking distance of cutting off registrations.  At the pace of
registrations we’ve been at, we’ll be moving to a waiting list early
next week.  See you in December, I hope!

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