Three Sunday reads

Pointers to three articles today worth the read:

* NYTimes lead business story: “The Future of the Thirty-Second Spot”:
The focus is mostly on traditional TV and cable advertising, as it
reviews the status of the venerable 30-second spot.  But the gist
of the article is that it’s clear that advertisers are demanding
greater targeting and that they are moving to networks that allow it,
along with a better relationships with the audience.  

* Knowledge@Wharton’s piece, “Blogs, everyone
Weblogs are here to stay, but where are they headed?”  Terrific
profs. Dan Hunter and Kevin Werbach offer their take on the future of
weblogs, which, in Dan’s words, represent the “rise of amateur content.”

* Google, Copyright, Trademark, and the French lawsuits
It’s a helpful reminder of 1) the differences in the legal regimes
around the world, especially the French and 2) that the business models
that are thriving today are heavily dependent upon specific
interpretations of a series of legal regimes that are, truthfully,
still very much in flux.

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