Newest Berkman fellow: Jimbo Wales

We are extremely pleased to have our newest Berkman fellow, Wikipedia
founder and community leader Jimmy (“Jimbo”) Wales, here with us this week in
Cambridge.  His legacy in the Internet & Society space is
already assured.  We’re looking forward to learning much more
about what’s behind the Wikipedia and Wikipedia News phenomena. 
Join us tonight at 8:30 p.m. at Pound Hall, room 101, on the HLS campus
for a public lecture by Jimbo.

Jimbo tells us that Wikipedia has just surpassed not only Expedia, Geocities, and other big sites — but also the New York Times in terms of daily page views.

WAYS TO BE HERE IF YOU ARE NOT HERE: There’s a webcast of the lunch going on right now and, I suspect, an
IRC going (SJ is right in front of me with an IRC client open, it
appears…).  J has directions and more.  There’s also a transcript of the IRC session for Wales’s talk in JZ’s class last night.

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