Trust, Identity, Neuroscience, and other good things

We are hosting an all-day Workshop today, “From Personal to Impersonal
Trusted Exchange in the Physical and Digital Domains,” to which you can
listen in if you
like.  The Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the
Gruter Institute are jointly hosting this event on how digital
technologies may provide new ways for scaling governance and fostering
trust and reciprocity (for example, in “community commerce” platforms
like eBay and Amazon).

Among the participants are: Doc Searls
Identity), Editor, Linux Journal (famous blogger who introduced himself
as a “student of Clippinger’s!); Reed Hundt, (Governance), Former
Chairman FCC, Senior Advisor, McKinsey and Company; Allison Koch
(Reputation Systems) formerly of eBay; Charles Firestone (Leadership),
Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Communications and Society
Program;  John H. Clippinger, (Trust and Edge Organization)
Berkman Center; David Lazar (Digital Government), Kennedy School of
Government; and, not least, our own Jonathan Zittrain (Digital

Today’s session is the culmination of a yearlong
series of workshops exploring the intersection of neuroscience, law and
economics and what we can learn about emerging digital
institutions.  Pretty geeky, but super-interesting.  Join the

Tech note: we are trying Icecast for the first time today.  We’d
welcome feedback on whether the stream is easy to hear or not.  It
seems better to us than what we’ve used in the past.

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