Lessig: on to iLaw X

The guru of the cyberlaw business just said that Zittrain has rendered
all of what came before useless.  zTheory, as it’s now called,
instantly coined, is everything that lies ahead — and which is the
substantive underpinning of iLaw X (and so on).

It is always fun to hear the famous four modes of regulation
schtick.  This was the most important, big, first theory —
field-clearing, really — in cyberlaw, when Lessig, building on the
shoulders of giants, articulated it in the late 1990s and in his
seminal book, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.  Someone should
put his slides with the four modes of regulation — Law, Market, Norms,
and Architecture — should be put in the PowerPoint Hall of Fame.

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