Blogs in the academic job search

Words to the wise academics who blog then look to get a job, from the Chronicle of Higher Education

A snippet: “Worst of all, for professional academics, it’s a publishing
medium with no vetting process, no review board, and no editor. The
author is the sole judge of what constitutes publishable material, and
the medium allows for instantaneous distribution. After wrapping up a
juicy rant at 3 a.m., it only takes a few clicks to put it into global

“We’ve all done it — expressed that way-out-there opinion in a lecture
we’re giving, in cocktail party conversation, or in an e-mail message
to a friend. There is a slight risk that the opinion might find its way
to the wrong person’s attention and embarrass us. Words said and e-mail
messages sent cannot be retracted, but usually have a limited range.
When placed on prominent display in a blog, however, all bets are off.”

The bottom line: “[Academic] [j]ob seekers who are also bloggers may
have a tough road ahead, if our committee’s experience is any

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