In re: Prairie Ho(me) Companion

If true, this matter brings Garrison Keillor so far down in my estimation…  Yet another T-shirt you cannot buy.

The lawyer who wrote this cease-and-desist letter apparently scanned
into this page cannot have kept a straight face when s/he wrote, in
relevant part:

“It has come to our attention that you are marketing
T-shirts bearing the words, ‘A Prairie Ho Companion.’  We believe
that your use of these words creates a likelihood that the public will
be confused as to the sponsorship of the T-shirt and our client’s
services and products.”  [Ahem, counselor: have you ever listened to your client’s program?
“Because of the high probability of confusion, and because of our
client’s prior rights in this mark and trade name, on behalf of our
client, we hereby demand that you immediately abandon all use of ‘A
Prairie Ho Companion.'”

Now, I can think of several reasons why one should cease and desist
from use of such a phrase, and the printing on T-shirts with such a
phrase emblazoned on it.  But Mr. Keillor’s service mark and
trademark rights are not among them.   

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