Brad Smith, Microsoft's General Counsel, at Berkman and HLS today

We’ve got the great fortune of Microsoft’s General Counsel, Brad Smith,
visiting with us today.  Tonight, (Monday, November 28, 2005), Mr.
Smith is offering a public lecture
from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. in Ames Courtroom on the Harvard Law School
campus.  “Lecture” is the wrong word for it — he’s eager to have
an open session to discuss the future of the Internet, software, and
all good things with students, faculty, fellows, and staff alike. 
We’re delighted to be co-sponsoring this event with our friends from
the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology.  It is rare to have
such terrific access to one of the top technology lawyers in the
world.  Please join us tonight and bring your questions.

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