Nesson and Zittrain teach Internet Law at HLS

(Oh, yeah, and Evidence.)  Now that’s a class.

Charlie says: “Come January 3, 2006, Zittrain and i open our internet
school. We start with the idea that our three week winter semester is
like camp and we are camp directors. Welcome to cyber school. We would
like our students to engage with us in an intense and absorbing
learning and teaching experience during the three weeks that is ours.

“I start each day with light calesthenics, breathing and stretching and
such, at 8:30 a.m., all welcome to come, Evidence class begins sharp at
nine and runs til noon. Z teaches Internet Law starting at 2 p.m. I
hope he will allow me to attend his class, blogging all the way.

“Cyberspace is a rhetorical place, virtual, made of message. Internet is
the wiring of cyberspace. Internet Law has so far been conceived as the
law that affects the routing of message in the space. But focus first
on the space itself and the concept of message. What new capacities
does this meta space bring? How will we learn and teach and create in
it? What new forms of legal and social organization with this new
environment permit to evolve and thrive? What will grow, what will die.”

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