Two follow-ups to Berlind Tuesday at Berkman

For those who missed it, David Berlind submitted to an interview — how’s that for being a good sport when the tables are turned! — for the Berkman homepage blog.  Here’s a [snip]:

Question: You mentioned in today’s luncheon series that you had an idea for a transparent workflow for journalists, but that the software sucked. What would that look like?

David Berlind: Just make it easier to encode raw material and transmit it to people who might want to take a look.  The technologies exist.  They’re just not glued together in a way that takes the friction out. For example, a typical blogging system has all the RSS you’d ever need. But, if one source of your material as journalist is e-mail, just try moving your e-mails into the blogging system so “watchdogs” can get at that source material via RSS.  It’s doable.  But it’s so burdensome that you give up trying (especially when you think about how journalists have to work harder faster, etc.. going back to what we have to do to survive in the first question).  The last thing we need is something else that takes our precious time.  With the press of two or three buttons, you could record a phone interview and publish it into an RSS feed.  But someone has to design the software to make it that simple.

David also posted after-thoughts on one of his several blogs over at ZDNet.  Adam Green had this to say after lunch. 

A great Tuesday guest; thanks, David.  (This coming week: Dan Gillmor.)

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