Follow-up to RSS and Copyright has a post
that is right on — where Top10 Sources or anyone else makes a mistake
in republishing an RSS feed that is subject to a (cc) license, it
should fix that mistake fast.  (It’s possible, of course, for
someone to give license to do something beyond what the (cc) license
says, so there may be other facts in play here; but the core point
remains.)  The human-and-technical system may be fallible, and/but
things that slip through the cracks of the policy should be corrected promptly.  Michael also notes that Top10 Sources
itself should have an outbound (cc) license, especially to Share-Alike,
where Top10 Sources has the right to do so.  Again, that’s right,
and should (will!) be fixed. 

(Update: with thanks to Michael for
pointing it out, and to the Top10 Sources team for quick turnaround,
the changes have been made to the site.

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