Citizenship in a world of new media

Dan Gillmor is visiting Internet, Law and Politics at HLS today. 
The topic is the changing nature of the citizen in a “we the media”
world.  (If you see this post and want to mail in a question to me
to ask him, please send to jpalfrey AT

– I asked him what he thinks about Global Voices, which we covered a few weeks ago in this class.  Of course he
loves it, but he said he wishes that Global Voices would call itself
“journalism.”  He says it would make his job easier.

– “We live in a state of perpetual beta,” Dan says.  I got the sense that he thinks that’s good.

– He’s a fan of self-assembling newsrooms, such as Command Post, Center for Cooperative Research, and Oh My News.

– “I wouldn’t rely on Wikipedia for any life-changing decision,” Dan
says.  “Hell, I wouldn’t rely on the New York Times for a
life-changing decision.  This is largely a discourse on media

– Despite his obvious bullishness about the decentralization of the
media regime, “most people won’t be participants, probably,” Dan
claims, “because they are too damn busy, leading their lives, spending
time with their kids.” 

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