David Weinberger, inspired by Yochai Benkler's book tour visit

Yale Law School Prof. Yochai Benkler is here at Berkman for the day as
part of his book tour for The Wealth of Networks.  At fellows’
hour, prompted by a back-and-forth about whether Cass Sunstein was
right in his famous Republic.com argument (about the Daily Me), David
took issue with the idea that we should read or listen to
those with whom we disagree.  “I do not,” he said, “have an open
mind.  It would take the Rapture to convince me that Bush was
right.”  One for the quote wall.

John Clippinger says that it’s really about structuring different kinds
of conversations, not necessarily about eating our spinach and
listening to
[fill-in-the-blank-radio-shock-jock] with whom one disagrees.

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