Emotional Legal Design

Urs Gasser, prepping to head out to a Gruter Institute event at Squaw Valley (tough life), wants to know if you agree:

“I suggest that in-depth and cross-disciplinary research in the field of law & emotion will soon be complemented by a discussion about what we might call ’emotional legal design’, i.e., a discourse about the design principles aimed at guiding the future development of a legal system that takes the findings of law & emotion research serious.”

(Gruter, and Urs’ center on information law at St. Gallen, are key partners of ours at Berkman.)

9 thoughts on “Emotional Legal Design

  1. I have never heard of “law and emotion” before as a school of thought.
    Where can I learn more?

    Making it clear that I am speaking as a total neophyte, I’d say that purely based on Professor Gasser’s post, I would say that his suggestion borders on the tautological. Such a discussion seems almost inevitable if we presuppose that law will need to take note of emotionally driven structural constraints.


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