"Our reach exceeds your grasp — deal with it"

Doc Searls quoted Chris Locke in the last panel of today’s day 1 of the digital ID mash-up conference. We haven’t gotten to the point where customers/end-users/seats are yet treated like people, Doc claims. The issue is the creation of relationships, not just market-clearing prices. He’s focused now on the Intention Economy — which, he says, will “save us all a lot of grief.”

John Sviokla says that no market has changed more in the supply/demand equation in the world than information. The industries are de-maturing, he says — from overbuilding, over-mature industries to immature industries (that sounds like us).

Louise Guay of My Virtual Model begins with a collage of her own identity, in the form of a visual grammar — self-expression through images, a true mash-up, about women and technology. Success is based on the user, Louise says, in a paraphrase of Meg Whitman. Louise has demo-ed a Virtual Search Engine — pretty wild — which perfectly demonstrates Doc’s Intention Economy point, as John Sviokla points out. MVM is “doing for fashion what mortgage-backed securities did for the mortgage business.” Louise credits Frank Pillar and Eric von Hippel with inspiring their design.

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