Jim Moore's Edge2.0 Top10

Jim Moore, my partner in various efforts and a former Berkman fellow, wrote up his experience in creating his own Top10 list, which anyone can do as a public aggregator, and comparing Top10Sources and Technorati Top10 lists.

My own Top10 is here.

Another cool thing is the whole tree of OPML sites that Doc is making from his notes for BloggerCon IV, as a search result in OPML Search.

(Disclosure: Top10 and OPML Search are beta sites in which Jim Moore and I both have an interest.)

3 thoughts on “Jim Moore's Edge2.0 Top10

  1. Dear John (and Jim)
    We( http://www.myzan.com ) are a small Canada/UK software development company. I am based in BC. We are ready to launch a complete RSS solution which delivers RSS functions to any industry’s supply chain. It focusses on the challenges of creating and managing large numbers of FEEDS in an Enterprise (or ASP) environment. We think it takes RSS to the next level and is a wonderful foundation for what you are planning with your RSS VC Fund. We would very much like to show you what we have and hopefully get some marketing and networking expertise. We are close to a deal with http://www.yellowpages.ca here in Canada.

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