Nicholas Carr review of JZ's Generative Internet piece

A thoughtful review/critique, plus commentary, of Prof. Jonathan Zittrain’s Harvard Law Review article, The Generative Internet, on Nicholas Carr’s blog. Mr. Carr concludes, about JZ’s conclusions: “Zittrain concludes that the best course is to ‘try to maintain the fundamental generativity of the existing grid while taking seriously the problems that fuel enemies of the Internet free-for-all. It requires charting an intermediate course to make the grid more secure — and to make some activities to which regulators object more regulable — in order to continue to enable the rapid deployment of the sort of amateur programming that has made the Internet such a stunning success.’ It’s not a question, in other words, of whether there will be limits. There will be. It’s a question of where those limits will be imposed and who will impose them.”

Carr points to the fabulous Ethan Zuckerman’s must-read review of JZ’s piece as his pointer and inspiration.

A cool example of dialogue about serious scholarship happening in public, online.

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