Sony's new web e-book reader to support (some) RSS feeds

Sony is unveiling its new online bookstore and e-book reader on October 1. One interesting twist is that they will allow you also to subscribe to certain RSS feeds on the device. But only a small handful of feeds, reports Stuff. The article says:

“The device and service will also let users download from the Really Simple Syndication or RSS Feeds of popular blogs, including Salon, Slate, Huffington Post, engadget and Gizmodo to read on the device. But it will only downloads from approved feeds, restricting users from freely downloading from any RSS feed.

“‘We’ll be expanding and improving it beyond that,’ he added.

“Newspapers and other periodicals will not be offered at first, although Hawkins did not rule out such features down the line.

“‘We’re taking a serious look at it,’ he said. ‘But we’re focusing on books and personal content at launch.'”

No doubt the copyright regime, and the lack of clarity around licensing of RSS feeds, has something to do with this approach by Sony.

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