Totally brazen typosquatting in Mass Governor's Race

The Independent candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Christy Mihos, is typosquatting at His Republican opponent, Kerry Healey (note the extra “e”), must not be too amused. The people of Massachusetts aren’t in too much danger of actually electing Mr. Mihos in November — the race is plainly between Healey and the Democratic nominee, Deval Patrick (I support Mr. Patrick) — but his typosquatting antics certainly don’t help the case for his candidacy. Who wants a governor who cheats — or whose staff cheats — in such an obvious, silly way?

5 thoughts on “Totally brazen typosquatting in Mass Governor's Race

  1. I just moved to Mass 2 months ago and have always been interested in the political arena. Kerry Healey, seems to have come from my old home state of Louisiana. Sling the mud, scream alot and hope and pray that no one is actually watching or listening to you. I’m very impressed with Mr. Patrick and his back ground. I have registed, one of the first things I did when I arrived, and will be casting my vote for Mr. Patrick. Put an apple in Kerry’s mouth and announce her DONE.

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