Microsoft and Novell make a deal

In big interoperability news, Microsoft and Novell have entered into a deal to work together. Those are some interesting bedfellows. Much to unpack and understand.

One insight, from ArsTechnica’s report: “From Microsoft’s standpoint, virtualization is a good thing, especially when Windows is the host operating system. A close linkage between Microsoft and Novell reinforces Microsoft’s message to corporate types that Microsoft’s Windows Server and Virtual Server products are serious players, no matter what your mix of operating systems is.”

A copy of an announcement letter, which I received by e-mail, also reads in relevant part: “More importantly, Microsoft announced today that it will not assert its patents against individual, non-commercial developers. Novell has secured an irrevocable promise from Microsoft to allow individual and non-commercial contributors the freedom to continue open source development, free from any concern of Microsoft patent lawsuits. That’s right, Microsoft wants you to keep hacking.”

It brings to mind Bill Gates’ executive e-mail about interoperability by design in software development at Microsoft.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft and Novell make a deal

  1. “Microsoft wants you to keep hacking”. For free, sure. But if you make money out of it, they’re coming for you. So that rules out Linus, Alan Cox, Greg Koah-Hartmann (hope I’ve spelt that right…!) Andrew Morton….

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