Debating the Internet's Impact on Democracy around the World

Students in the HLS course Internet, Law and Politics are staging a debate today. The two sides of the argument are posted to the course wiki. The overall debate page is here, including today’s resolution: “Resolved: The Internet enables citizens to have a greater voice in politics and is, on balance, already a tremendous force for strengthening participatory democracies around the world.” The affirmative argument is here; the negative argument is here. The required reading this week was to follow the news from a single region of the world on Global Voices. We’re blessed to have Ethan Zuckerman sitting in for the class as a special guest, as well.

My notes from class are here.

3 thoughts on “Debating the Internet's Impact on Democracy around the World

  1. I just read that parents in China are sending their children away for being addicted to the Internet. What if we had the Internet during the Cold War?

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