Book Party for John Clippinger's A Crowd of One

This year, the Berkman faculty and fellows will publish four books on topics related to our field. Join us for the celebration of the first of the four to come out, John Clippinger’s “A Crowd of One: The Future of Individual Identity,” published by PublicAffairs Books. The celebration will take place on Thursday, April 19, 2007,at 5:30 PM at Harvard Law School in Pound Hall 200 with John speaking about the book, and will continue with a cocktail reception at the Berkman Center at 6:30 PM, located at 23 Everett St., also located on the law school campus. Please send an e-mail to rsvp AT to let us know if you plan to attend.

Here’s the promo blurb: “John Clippinger, one of today’s preeminent experts on how technology influences business and society, offers a fresh and provocative perspective, grounded in everyday and historical examples, that presents a vision for a new scientific understanding of human nature and identity. In A CROWD OF ONE, Clippinger takes us through the historical origins of identity and the way it is influencing—and being influenced by—today’s world. He examines origin narratives from around the world and the religious underpinnings of many people’s identities, and explores the competing theories of human nature developed by Hobbes, Adam Smith, and some of the other leading philosophical minds throughout history. His conclusions will have profound implications for everything from social networking and virtual worlds, to leadership strategies in business and technology, to the structure of today’s military operations around the world.”

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