Wendy Seltzer's NFL Experience: Just Half-Time, or Game Over?

Prof. Wendy Seltzer, one of the original Berkman team and still a fellow, is our honored guest at lunch today. She’s telling the story of her back-and-forth with the NFL over the 30-second clip she posted to YouTube, as chronicled in the Wall Street Journal’s law blog, her own blog, and elsewhere. Wendy’s claim is that the clip is fair use. She has a strong case on the four-factor test. She’s being asked here about whether the NFL is materially misrepresenting their position in this matter. Wendy points to the second take-down notice, at which point a human being had to have reviewed the clip. She notes also the Diebold case, in which the judge concluded that no reasonable copyright holder could have believed that fair use did not attach in that instance — and that this case certainly meets or comes very close to this standard. (The video of Wendy’s lunch talk will be posted on MediaBerkman if you missed it live or on the webcast.)

3 thoughts on “Wendy Seltzer's NFL Experience: Just Half-Time, or Game Over?

  1. Wendy Seltzer’s Fair Use NFL Clip Story…

    An interesting story, if you haven’t been following it — John Palfrey – Blog Archive – Wendy Seltzer’s NFL Experience: Just Half-Time, or Game Over?. Wendy is giving a talk today on the story of her experience dealing with the……

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