Steve Gibson at the Anti-Spyware Coalition

We have the great honor of hosting the ASC‘s third big public meeting here at the Harvard Law School. We’re grateful to Ari Schwartz and Ross Schulman for bringing the meeting to our campus. We’re proudly a member of ASC through our StopBadware project, which has grown into one of the biggest and most interesting projects at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Steve Gibson, the podcaster of Security Now! and InfoWorld columnist and computer developer and many other important things, is giving the keynote right now. Steve is recounting his personal experience in discovering spyware creeping onto the network and onto his PC, and leading to him coining the term “spyware.” He says his PC is his temple. He recalls having been “immediately pissed off” when PKZip for Windows brought “the first bit of nastiness” to his PC by trying to phone home. Steve says that that current story is the “Tyranny Of The Default” — default settings that are still not safe.  His stories evoke much the same picture that Jonathan Zittrain paints in his article, The Generative Internet, and his forthcoming book, The Future of the Internet — and How to Stop It.

1 thought on “Steve Gibson at the Anti-Spyware Coalition

  1. Spybot and Adware aren’t to bad for such common and commercially successful antivirus and antispyware programs but generally if I make use of one I have to use the other to pick up the threats that the first one misses. The intrusion prevention they come with isn’t as solid as I would like to see them be so I tend to shy away from those two programs. Since I run a business out of my home network security is a top priority for me and none of the top commercial programs have delivered anything that I would consider secure. There’s no way those programs could keep my files safe from data theft. I run my business on a tight budget too so I didn’t want to spend much more on new antivirus applications so I tried searching for a free antivirus software program. The one that I consistently heard about was Blink Personal from Eeye. I’ve been using it ever since I downloaded it as it blows all the others away.

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