CNET Touches on Blogs and Copyright Issue

It’s extraordinary to me that, several years into the blogging-and-RSS phenomenon, we still have the issue of a lack of clarity around the permissible re-use of user-generated content, as reported by CNET’s Elinor Mills (“Please don’t steal this Web content“). Fair use is part of the answer; Creative Commons licenses are another part of the answer; social norms are part of the answer; but there’s a layer missing, on top of Creative Commons licenses, to allow for the paid re-use of user-generated content. (Previous posts on this topic linked from here.)  Mills points to Lorelle on WordPress for more.

4 thoughts on “CNET Touches on Blogs and Copyright Issue

  1. Agreed that there are quite a few sites that do so with the malicious intent of using the text to serve contextual ads. But, simply finding fault with all the aggregators (even those who only serve headings and link attributions) is going overboard.

    In that sense, Techmeme should not exist. Digg,, Reddit..none of those should exist. Since, they all have nothing but links to other sites and nothing of their own.

    I guess people like VanFossen (in the article) would learn the real value of such sites only when all of them cease to exist and people get back to pre web 2.0 age and have hardly noone visiting their pages..

    Feedrer (Private beta)

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