FCC Hearing at the Berkman Center

Yesterday was one of the best days I can remember at the Berkman Center. The FCC’s full commission was in town, along with lots of others interested in the Comcast-BitTorrent dispute. It keyed in on what some call “network neutrality” and others called the discussion of what “reasonable network management” means.

Tim Wu and Yochai Benkler testified. They were great. It’s worth listening to the audio archive of what they said, and reviewing the impressive amount of coverage the debate stirred up.

HLS student Kevin Parker submitted video testimony. Listen for his silver car analogy. On the rhetorical front, I think that we need the breakthrough analogy that makes everyone understand my this matters.  Also: Kevin, among other students in our Web Difference class, blogged a lot of it here.

Yesterday, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, an HLS grad, was hugely generous with his time, meeting with students and faculty on campus during his visit — much appreciated by us hosts.

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