Apple Gets it Right After StopBadware et al. Send Warning

StopBadware and the rest of the Net community trying to keep the environment clean of bad code scored a good win this week in the public interest.  The StopBadware team and others were all over a software update from Apple that operated as badware, offering new software installations disguised as product updates.  StopBadware blogged about our review process, saying we were looking into it; prepared a report declaring them as badware; sent the draft report to Apple for review (as we do for all targets before public release); and lo-and-behold, Apple fixed the problem and issued an updated version.  Well done to Max Weinstein and the whole SBW team and others out there keeping companies honest.  If only it ordinarily worked this way…

3 thoughts on “Apple Gets it Right After StopBadware et al. Send Warning

  1. Any information on which update contained the badware? I find it amazing to believe Apple could do something like this. This is something we can expect from Microsoft but Apple… Apparently, no.

  2. Hi Naif,

    The version StopBadware initially tested was Apple Software Update (Windows version). The newer version, in which Apple responded to concerns, is There are screenshots of the differences between the versions in our blog post .

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me directly at contact @

    StopBadware staff

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