Myth-Busting: Kids and Information Technology

We’re planning our session on Digital Natives for the Berkman@10 conference later this week.  The idea is to hold a “myth-busting” session.  A first pass of myths are up on the conference wiki.  The idea is to discuss some of the common misconceptions about kids and technology that we explore in our forthcoming book, Born Digital.  Please suggest others, and looking forward to seeing many great friends later this week.  (Many thanks to Miriam Simun for her leadership on this and other matters.)

3 thoughts on “Myth-Busting: Kids and Information Technology

  1. What kinds of myths? maybe I misunderstood the post but I don’t think there are any myths about what is reffered to here as “digital natives” if the intenton was hat they will be more capable of using technology then I really do not think it is a myth. of course there will always be those who are more in touch with arts and crafts but in the end, if you take people today and the time it takes them to adjust to new technology and the new generation who are born with it I think there is a significant differance.

    i like to call them the “Cut and Paste Generation” as they llok for short cuts everywhere.

    i had a funny thing which is actually the summary of what I’m trying to say:

    I am a techie, my young (14) cousin a while ago asked me why isnt it possible to cut and paste from the TV directly to her MIO.

    I tried to explain but it did not make any sense to her, she was born to a world where you do not have to do much to accomplish many tasks.

    I heard about kids going to sleep here (in Israel) with text-to-speech applications reading them a “bed time story”.

    So I really do not think there are too many myth about these young kids if that’s indeed the articles intention.
    How do I get more info about this issue?

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