Pushing Forward on the Legal Casebook Idea

There’s a lot of energy coming out of the Collins/Skover/Rubin/Testye workshop of a few weekends ago on the next-generation legal casebook.  It’s the sign of a great gathering: after you’ve landed at your home airport, you are still thinking about the issues that you were kicking around at the conference.  I think it’s also a sign of the strength of the idea: something of this sort *will* happen if we keep that energy up. 

One follow-up is a call that Gene Koo and CALI has organized to see if cyberlaw law professors would want to be first up.  It’s a very practical next step, and one with promise.  As one such cyberlaw prof, I’m definitely in.  This specific project is an obvious follow-up to much of what JZ has been working on for years, through H20 and otherwise.

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