Statement regarding past abuse at Andover

Today, we know that many schools, including Andover, have not always lived up to our commitment to protect students in our care. Over the past year, independent investigators from Sanghavi Law Office have been carrying out a review of all reports of sexual misconduct at our school. We have repeatedly asked community members to share concerns or information they may have with these independent investigators. In August 2016, I sent a public letter to the Andover community about what we knew at that time. Since then, we have received further reports and have referred them all for review to the investigators. On campus, we remain focused on ensuring that we do right by the students we have the privilege to teach today.

Matters related to past teacher misconduct are currently appearing in the press. We take these matters extremely seriously. Our hearts go out to all those who were harmed at our school and at all schools in the past. At Andover, we are committed to learning as much as we can about our school’s past, offering support and acknowledgment for survivors of sexual misconduct, and ensuring the safety and security of all students on our campus today. The harms done to students in the past must never be repeated.

4 thoughts on “Statement regarding past abuse at Andover

  1. During my four years at Phillips Academy – 1964 to 1968 – I was not aware of any such situation. Clearly a different school at that time – all male, “sink or swim” environment, quick to expel students, pre-drug era by just a fraction. Faculty very distant from students, even in dormitories. Plus, contacts with Abbott Academy were so rare, so strained, the neighboring school might as well not existed. Possibly, I was oblivious, but was a class officer so very conversant with various “groups” within both 1968 and other classes. Best wishes to all at PA. I am confident the modern school far superior to its predecessor, though that faculty was a “power house”.

  2. I came to PA as an Upper in 1964. I was unaware of any abuse- stated more clearly I was unaware (naive) that abuse could happen, that there were people in positions of authority who would use that power to abuse those whom they taught or led or coached.
    While I certainly look at PA as a tremendous positive influence in my life, I am no longer naive enough to think that abuse could not have happened. I applaud the openness with which this investigation is proceeding and look forward to more information to come.

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