Dr. Urs Gasser on Information Quality

Berkman affiliate, and recent graduate of Harvard Law School’s LLM program, Urs Gasser, is presenting on his promising work on Information Quality.  This coming year, he will be a Visiting Scholar at HLS, pursuing this research with Prof. Fisher, and hopefully will be working extensively with the Berkman Center as well.

He recommends a book by Martin Eppler of University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) on Managing Information Quality, which provides one of a series of methodological frameworks for Dr. Gasser.  Yochai Benkler’s Layers theory and Lawrence Lessig’s four mode of Net regulation (law, architecture, markets, social norms) also offer frameworks for thinking about the Internet and the laws of cyberspace.

He uses, by way of example, wikipedia.  I love the story: that encyclopedia entries are developed on an open source model, where bad information can be corrected quickly by peers invested in the quality of the information.

This project is terrifically ambitious.  It’s clear from the nature of the comments and questions here at OII that it has deep relevance across fields, immediately important for law (the US Data Quality Act among others) but extending far beyond.

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