Kaye Trammell on "Celeblogs"

Kaye Trammell, a soon-to-be Ph.D. in mass communications from the University of Florida, is working on a paper on “celeblogs,” (did she just coin that term?) or blogs by celebrities.  Will Wheaton, Moby, Jeff Bridges, Mariah Carey, Melanie Griffith, Adam Curry, No Doubt, RuPaul, many others are in her sights (sites?).  (Will Wheaton, BTW, has an audio blogChris Lydon, watch your back!)

She’s taking on an important, hard problem: how do you carry out a rigorous academic study of Web logs?  She’s seeking to find the right population of celeblogs; then sample from those blogs; then do some quantitative analysis (others here pushed her toward some qualitative analysis as well).  She’s a serious scholar and her methodologies will be well worth watching.

Kaye offered a number of great insights into how we might improve the Weblogs at Harvard Law initiative as well, which I was thrilled to receive.  Dave Winer, et al., I’ll fill you in when I get home!

My favorite of Kaye’s entries for this week: “Does a blog act like a flasher?”

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