Teaching with Weblogs

This semester, I’m teaching a class at Harvard Law School entitled “Cyberlaw and the Global Economy,” and I’m going to invite my students to use weblogs as a means of class participation.  The idea is to put online participation through writing to blogs on par, or close to par, with in-class participation.  I expect that some students who don’t speak up much in class might write more to blogs, and as such I’d like to see if we get a great parallel, asynchronous discussion going through class weblogs.  If there are others with experience in using blogs in a similar way in a class, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

It’s also been quite interesting reviewing how others are using weblogs in teaching, as we pull together the Education panel for BloggerCon.  There are people at all levels of education in this edublogging movement.  And the librarians…  Librarians rock.

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